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I feel the same way

What's the FIRST thing cross your mind when you see this?

What's the most perfect WORD to describe this?

What do you DO while you watch this?


You Belong With Me ( A Zayn Malik Cover)

New Youtube Crush!

I swear this guy is hell-arious

Life is as easy as turning a page

Life without a dirty-side is just an egg without its shell, Life isn't about how many boys have you kissed, how many problems have you solved, how many boyfriends did you have, how many pairs of shoes did you have, how fashionable is your clothes and how many bullshits have you heard or thrown. We can never be the best for them, but we can be good. When someone left you, people said that they're not worthy of you, but have you ever think what if we're not good enough for them? Actually, they're not too good for us, we're simply too good for them. Everything about life is so complicated, they say that life is a jerk, life is lame, life sucks, but it's just them that can't handle that many swag life has. We're too old to listen to what people say about us. Don't find critics, because it's everywhere. It's not about what they say about you, it's more about how you deal with them, that's a life-lesson. If you're holding on something but there's nothing to gram, just let go. You have to know who's good for you and who use you. Trust someone who's trustworthy. Life is too short to worry either who likes you and who doesn't or who treats you nice and who's being the bitch, be like a rebel spaceship ready to burst from its base

Look Around

This is what's going on. People keep complaining about their life, about how imperfect it is. They envied other people's life. People searching for illusions. Lies wrapped in a pretty ribbon. They love being drowned in the sea of bullsh*ts. They're all out of faith. People taking shortcuts. They don't even feel ashamed. There's no use of cry. They talked about how perfect other people is. How? How do you know if it's perfect? What if the perfect boy they talked about is actually weaker than them? What if the A+ girl they keep talking about is feeling insecure that's why she hid behind the thick mask of make-up to cover the cuts and bruises she has caused? Why did you do this to yourself? Craving for perfection tiring yourself. Real talk, real life, real face, burned. Insecurities get the best of you. You lose your self-esteem, second guessing yourself, underestimated your power. They told you to be yourself, but they're the one who judged you for being too "yourself" Stop looking for critics because they're everywhere. You won't break. No, you won't. You got to fight back. This is your life, YOU rule it. Choked all the negative minds, don't let people who brought you down in. It didn't matter how many times world knocked you down. The girl there is crying, now it's your time to console her down. That boy in the corner is taking drugs because he thought no one would care, open his mind. Encourage people. It's your time to be an inspiration, don't hide. Where do you think you got the power to keep living up 'till now? Everything happen for a reason, don't find that reason, understand it.

Everything starts from something, but something would be nothing. Nothing if your heart didn't dream with me -Believe
I must take the baby steps 'till I full grown -Big Girl's Don't Cry
I'm all out of faith. This is how I feel. I'm cold and I'm shamed. Nothing's fine I'm torn -Torn



Okay so this time, I will tell you about different types of braid. If you think there's only one type of braid, hmmm you might not be smarter than a fifth grader :p


This one called "Dutch". You braided your hair while keep adding a piece of hair from the top and a piece of hair from the bottom.


This is "Waterfall". Called waterfall because as you can see there's hair hanging like a waterfall you can see the path clearly. You just french-braided your hair from the top but leave the lowest part hanging and make a new one.


This one called "Fishtail". As you can see it looks like a fish's tail. You just separate your hair into two sections and pull the outer strand of hair from one side and cross it to the other side.

Conch Shell

This is "Conch Shell". I have no fricken idea how to make this, I mean is it possible to make your hair looks like a shell? I'm still learning though.

So out of those 4 types of braids, which one do you think is the hardest? Leave a comment below;)
P.S : I might post a tutorial video

143. A Catchy Title About Love

We'll be alright. We're going to grow old together and make mistakes. We'll fight and have fun making up. We'll fuck up and do it all over again, but it'll all be okay because I'll have you and you'll have me -Zayn to Gracie
Love. L-O-V-E. Love. You never see it coming, most of the time you don't even want it, but love has a funny way of creeping up on you. People portray love as a beautiful, selfless, romantic and amazing thing, but the harsh reality is, love is pain. It's heartache and endless tears, but above all it's uncertain. Finding love doesn't always mean keeping love, things change, people change, people leave or have a change of heart, some people simply wake up and don't love the person they once did, sometimes feelings die and people die, but true unconditional love always remains.

Love isn't about physical attraction. It isn't longing or need, it isn't passion or desire. Love is finding someone who knows you better than you know yourself. Once you found, don't let it slip right out your fingertips. Once youthink you found it, regret nothing if it's not like what you expected. To be perfect needs sacrifices. It's how you feel so close yet you're so far away. You never fall in love the same way twice

Illusion never changed into something real. I'm wide-awake and I can see the perfect sky is torn
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